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Hagia Sophia , Istanbul , Turkey

Explore Istanbul With The Best Guide

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Who Am I ?

Hello everyone,I'm professional licensed tourist guide in  İstanbul.I have been working as a freelance guide since 2005.  I graduated from tourist guide department in Nevsehir University. I spent one year in U.S.A. I studied in UCF about tourism management department.I got my second degree in Orlando.I worked in Disneyland for 6 months. I decided to come back to my beautiful country and started my job in İstanbul. It has been always my passion to explain all details about cities,cultures and secrets of city to the people.Once you decide to come here,leave everyhing to me.You will have unforgettable times in the city.I'm not only your guide here.but also your friend.Everytime ı have a tour,it feels me as ı'm exploring Istanbul again and again.

Now I'm looking forward to welcome you and explore the amazing İstanbul together... Whenever you decide to come here,ı'm glad to answer all your questions.Come here and have an amazing experience with me in Istanbul .Life is too short to think too much :)

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